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    我公司具有研發和生產與銷售經驗,與歐美許多著名采購商FREE COUNTRY、沃爾瑪,迪斯尼,CK,,TOMMY國外一線品牌建立戰略合作關系,并且通過BSCI 認證。公司工廠建筑面積3000多平方米,120多名技術工人,并配備了日本、臺灣進口生產線設備,年泳裝生產能力150萬件/。公司采用意大利、韓國及國內廠家的高品質面料,設計時尚典雅的款式,精細考究的做工在國內泳裝界享有很高的聲譽。本公司在國內外有完善的銷售網絡,能處理進出口報關流程。公司憑借誠信、創新、客戶導向的企業理念和客戶及布料、輔料等上游供應廠家保持著良好的合作關系。公司自創建以來始終堅守信譽良好,客戶至上的經營理念;尊崇誠信和質量;保持平等和友誼;用于服務消費者和供應商兩個。公司將一如繼往的本著強烈的創新精神,朝著“良好的品質泳裝智造基地的”目標不斷前進,為新老客戶提供好的產品和良好的服務,誠歡迎新老客戶的光臨和惠顧。

      Quanzhou Waves Flower Dress Co., Ltd. is a Wholly  Owned Enterprise whitch specialize in the production of swimwear, fitness, yoga and other sports knit . Our  company is located in the southeast coast of China's Fujian brand - Jinjiang whitch  is one of China's three major swimwear base.
      our company has design,  production and sales experience, We have adopted a post-mortem BSCI factory.Our company has made long-term partnership with well-known brand company Disney;  FREE COUNTRY, Wal-Mart, Disney ,CK, and others.The number of existing staff is more than 120 people and floor space 3000 square meters. Over the years, our company keep updating and introducing

    the most advance intelligent production line and  management system from the advanced country  equipped with  production line equipment from Japan, Taiwan , the annual production capacity of 1 million swimsuit. The adoption of high-quality fabrics from  Italy, South Korea and China's largest manufacturers , fashion design and elegant style, fine workmanship  enjoyed a high reputation . And the company has a perfect marketing network at abroad. By virtue of honesty, innovation, high efficiency and customer-oriented enterprise concept, the company maintains good cooperative relations with customers and upstream suppliers of fabrics and accessories. Our company always  adhere  the "credibility of the first, the customer first" philosophy; respect the integrity and quality;  maintain equality and friendship; services for consumers and suppliers two God.  Our company is trying to become the best high class swimwear base make coordinated process of ODM&OEM&IDM swimwear production base.to provide quality products and excellent service for our new and old customers,  welcome new and old customers to visit and benefits.

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